American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla said that he will start ordering China for a low price version of its model 3 car on Friday, because it tries to accelerate China's sales with friction between Washington and Beijing. .

California-based firm said in a statement that Chinese customers will be allowed to order for long distances, a rear-wheel-drive model 3 variant whose price starts from CNY 433,000 ($ 64,300.56).

Earlier, for the all-wheel-drive long range version, the price of a model 3 in China was CNY 499,000. Tesla said earlier this year that he is planning to launch model 3 cars to customers in China in March.

Tesla currently imports all the cars sold in China but is in the process of making a factory in Shanghai that will produce model 3 cars in the initial phase.

In October, the company had said that China's sales increased after the tariff on US auto import by 40 percent in Beijing in July. Since then, China has temporarily suspended an additional 25 percent tariff, which has reduced it by 15 percent.

Tesla has adjusted prices of its US-made cars in China to keep its cars affordable in the country, one step is to keep it away from competing with domestic electric vehicle startup like Nio, Byitan and XPeng Motors. Will help.

Tesla has said that he wants to start production at its Shanghai plant in the second half of this year and is aiming to produce 3,000 model 3 vehicles per week.

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