• Apple is yet to issue an official statement.
  • Bill Stacey is reportedly still working with Apple.
  • He was hired by Apple in 2012, Harry, Sear, and Siri as VP.

In the Apple - Bill Staisier, the Siri team vice president (VP) has reportedly quit the post after his resignation after seven years of service. Amazon's former executive was hired by Apple for both Viper and Siri in 2012.

"On Friday, it has been reported in the report," Although the company has been a starter, he is no longer managing the command of the voice assistant group. "

The report says that this change appears to be part of an effort by Machine Learning (ML) and Senior Vice President (SVP) of Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy - John Gianndria - on his voice on the Apple Voice Assistant Team Said to strengthen.

The purpose of Gianandrea is to concentrate on incremental reforms rather than just incremental research-based changes.

They hope to find a new Siri leader.

Even though the initial attempt of Apple to get Siri to homes through the company's SmartPad Smart Speaker has not been caught, the Voice Assistant has a powerful distribution channel in the iPhone and is more privacy-focused than the company There may be an opportunity to launch AI products. According to the report, Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant

Apple has not yet released an official statement which is confirming or declining reports to go downstairs.

Announced as part of the iPhone 4S, Siri came into existence as Apple's mainstream voice assistant in 2011.