Jeff Bezos' rocket company, Blue Origin, has signed an agreement with Telesat Canada to launch a portion of the satellite constellation to provide fast Internet access to governments and businesses around the world, announced Thursday the two companies.

Contract Adds Key Customer to Blue Origin Manifesto as Bezos Space Company Takes Part in Profit-Free But Burdened Launch Services With New New Glenn Heavyweight Rocket Under Development scheduled for 2021.

In October, Telesat, supported by Loral Space & Communications, announced that it had conducted the first-ever live high-speed flight test via a low-Earth-orbit satellite. It targeted 2022 for broadband services from a constellation of nearly 300 satellites.

The Blue Origin rocket will propel an undisclosed part of the constellation into orbit after several launches, the two companies announced.

The network of TelSAT "will accelerate the expansion of 5G, bridge the digital divide with fiber optic high-speed services in rural and remote communities, and set new level of commercial and performance government connectivity," he said. the company in a statement.

Telesat is part of a number of competing companies that are planning constellations that will spread broadband Internet from space. These include OneWeb, based in McLean, Virginia, which was planning a first launch in February, and Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink project, which is ready for a first launch later this year.

The Satellite Industry Association advocacy group estimates that the global market for satellite television and broadband services is $ 127.7 billion, compared to $ 5.5 billion for the market for satellite launch services. satellites.

The Bezos rocket company, founder of Inc., is part of a series of space companies backed by billionaires seeking to disrupt the market of traditional launch services with reusable rocket technology.

The new Glenn launcher from Blue Origin is expected to face stiff competition from heavy rockets such as SpaceX's Falcon Heavy and Vulcan from United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp.

In a key milestone, Telesat announced that it would choose between the Airbus SE of Europe and a partnership between Thales Alenia Space and Maxar Technologies Inc to develop the ground and space systems of its constellation.

Telesat also announced the signing of an agreement with Loon, Alphabet's subsidiary, to set up a control network for the constellation.

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