After a period of closed beta testing, Xiaomi launched his Battle Royale Genre Survival Game in the Mi Apps Store. The company appears to be participating in Tencent's hugely popular PUBG and Fortnite games, which have become pop culture sensations over the past year. The game is 185 MB in size and can now be downloaded from Mi Apps. The beta version of the game did not bring in many fans, and it is said that it does not quite match the quality of PUBG Mobile and it seems to be a student project.

For the uninitiated, Survival Game is a battlefield based on the Battle Royale mode, in which players must compete with each other and be the last to stand. The company claims in the App Store that the game was developed specifically for the Indian market, which is China's second largest market for Xiaomi after China.

"Each game begins with skydiving the player from the spaceship to a map area. Players can decide when and where they land on the battlefield. All resources are searched and received from the map, and players can fight their rivals at any time. The last position will be the winner, "the company explains in the game description.

In our first impressions of the beta version of the game on a Poco F1, we found that the game is seriously deficient, and it feels like a school project was cobbled together with existing assets for the first time for no big effort. Xiaomi does not seem to understand why Battle Royale is a hit among consumers.

The closed beta of the Survival Game was launched in October last year and has been under test ever since.

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