Last August, Xiaomi launched a retro-style disc player very well received. The loudspeaker is a smart radio with a retro design that looks like old 60s radios. The LP Player is moon white. The reader is covered with three layers, as are the car paints. It also has a chrome-plated dual-use metal handle. It can be folded on the bottom to support the player. The Xiaomi player is equipped with a 52mm wide diameter NdFeB wideband speaker, which is supposed to provide quality sound.

We know very little about the new version, but the former was very well received by the community. It included an integrated 400 mAh battery, capable of providing up to 7 hours of battery life in normal use. The speaker had rounded corners, a switch and even an imitation plate with a needle in which the speaker of the radio is hidden. The height of the previous version of speakers was only 6.3 cm and it could fit in the palm of your hand. It was built from a fully metal case and weighed only 130 g.

The older speaker also supported the Bluetooth Quick Connect, which wirelessly controlled major music applications, including Apple Music, QQ Music and Netease Cloud Music. However, the new speaker has 12 freely customizable preset channels.

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