Xiaomi launched a new smart home product this weekend, one for the kitchen. The electric Xiaomi pressure cooker is an intelligent electric pressure cooker with WLAN. This is consistent with Xiaomi's ambition to make all its products so intelligent that they can be controlled from a central hub. The hub of Xiaomi is the MIJIA app. From the app, the cooking time for various foods can be set. Temperature and pressure can be set according to the recipes. The app also provides users with other intelligent controls for the stove.

The electric pressure cooker is an upgrade from the traditional pressure cooker and looks very much like Xiaomi's rice cooker. It combines the properties of the pressure cooker and rice cooker to completely eliminate the safety issues of a normal steam cooker over the years.

The stove has stepless electromagnetic pressure regulation while using a Korean aluminum lock structure. The device is also supplied with a large OLED screen. The nominal pressure of the pressure cooker is 1.7 atmospheres, whereby the temperature in the pot can reach about 114 ° C, which greatly shortens the heating time. The gadget also features a smarter automatic intermittent pressure conversion scheme that does not require manual pressure relief during cooking. The pressure holding process is subdivided into several micro-pressure reliefs, and with each relaxation of the micro-pressure, the liquid in the pot can be cooked and stirred so that the nutrients are completely released and melted.

The pressure cooker is sold for 599 yuan and sold on January 16 via Mi.com, Xiaomi offline stores and authorized stores in China. No chance that this product will be available soon outside of China.

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