In a few weeks, Samsung will unveil its brand new Galaxy S10 family. Today, a new series of practical images revealing the standard variant of the Galaxy S10 has been unveiled, including a first glimpse of the company's new portfolio, the crypto-currency Samsung Blockchain KeyStore.

First published by @ VenyaGeskin1 on Twitter (via SamMobile), these new images of the Galaxy S10 do not give us a ton of new information on the material in question. As expected, we get thin goggles on all sides with a perforated cutout in the "Infinity O" display. Notably, this is the standard Galaxy S10, which has only one camera face, instead of two like the S10 +.

One thing I quickly noticed with this picture was the way the status bar is handled. There is a gap between the camera and the battery icon, but I can already say that a right-hand punch hole is better than a left-hand hole, as we saw on other devices.

On these images, however, a new cryptocurrency application should be launched with the Galaxy S10. Samsung Blockchain Keystore has been described as a "safe and convenient place for your cryptocurrency." Users can apparently import currencies from other portfolios or create a new one with the app. The construction shown here only supports Ethereum, but probably, at launch, it will also support Bitcoin and other popular crypto-currencies. Another screenshot also shows that KeyStore can be secured with biometrics.

Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10 Lite on February 20th. Stay tuned for more.

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