The 5G and foldable phones are all the rage, so if you combine these two cool features? Huawei plans to announce its latest flagship at MWC Barcelona next month. Their 5G foldable smartphone was announced after the company's launch ceremony in Beijing earlier in the day. Richard Yu, CEO of the Consumer Business Group of the company said: "We are eager to see you in Barcelona in February, where we will launch the world's first 5G smartphone with the foldable screen."

For starters, it's probably a translation mistake that the company wants to launch more than one smartphone of this nature. Their Kirin 980 chipset will power the new smartphone, with the company's first 5G modem - the recently announced Balong 5000 - also included. Foldable smartphones come from Samsung and Xiaomi, and Huawei also wants a piece of the cake. ETNews reported last April that the Shenzhen-based smartphone giant was planning to launch its foldable smartphone in November 2018, although this was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the company seemed to want to publish theirs before Samsung. It seems that they can come to.

It's unclear how much the Huawei 5G foldable smartphone will be sold at retail, but it will probably be a lot. In the case of Samsung, it seems that their collapsible smartphone will cost around $ 1,700, a high price to pay for a phone. If it is an overall price indicator, it is highly unlikely that these types of phones will soon reach the average consumer.

Many phones stand out at the MWC and we are sure that Huawei will not be the only manufacturer to offer something cool and innovative. LG themselves will launch their own 5G device to MWC, while Vivo will also show their smartphone without the port. Many interesting technologies will be launched in the coming months, and this is just the beginning.

Note: Huawei has stopped providing the officially unlock codes for the boot loader for its devices. As a result, the Huawei device boot loader cannot be unlocked, which means that users can not root or install custom ROMs.

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