"The addition of new components such as neural processors, artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced cameras requires more RAM in the phones."

Smartphones with 10 GB of RAM or more are likely to become more common, according to a DigiTimes report. This is not a totally crazy assertion, because we have already seen smartphones with 10 GB (and even 12 GB) of RAM being launched. That said, it's not a common occurrence and peripherals with such a large amount of memory are high-end, high-end products that cost a lot of money.

As 2019 progresses, the report indicates that these devices will become more and more common. This initiative is led by the flagship and even mid-range Android smartphones, which include items such as multi-camera modules, artificial intelligence applications with voice assistants and imaging applications, a neural network for advanced interfaces etc. These tasks, which require a greater amount of processing power, require the addition of large amounts of RAM, although the average user of the smartphone is still overloaded.

The normalization of ridiculous amounts of RAM in phones has been going on for some time. Even just two years ago, 4GB of RAM in smartphones was considered excessive and, until recently, Apple was stuck on a meager 1GB of RAM in its flagship iPhones and still managed to run them without smoothly. However, the stagnation of new features, coupled with longer device life, meant that the increased use of DRAMs in smartphones was not really translating into explosive growth in the smartphone industry.

With the current stagnation of the market, the impact of 10 GB + RAM on smartphones may not be too deep in terms of sales and revenue, at least in 2019. With operations of artificial intelligence 5G and advanced to be generalized in 2020, the sensor solution, it is only in 2020 that the phones will show renewed interest from the saturated market that currently exists. By then, however, we could well exceed the 12GB RAM level that a traditional smartphone holds.

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