• The patent application would have been filed with the USPTO.
  • The 3D display in question could include a 3D user interface.
  • Samsung launched its 3D TV model in 2010.

Samsung has filed a new patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for 3D screens that users can connect to their smartphones and tablets, media reports said.

These screens could exist as television sets or screens and show content ranging from photographs and videos to 3D games. The illustrations attached to the patent also show that users can transmit the information presented on their smartphones on 3D screens.

For example, if the user is in communication, the screen can show the person he is talking to and the display can also be used to control playback of music files that the user has transferred from their handsets. , Android headlines reported Friday.

The 3D screen also features a 3D user interface that allows users to interact with the device, whether touch or stylus.

These displays could also be sports sensors that detect the user's contact with virtual objects presented by the device using infrared radiation or ultrasound, in order to track how the person interacts with the content. adds the report.

Although patents do not always result in a commercialized product, this clearly indicates how the South Korean giant could market 3D displays in the future.

To date, the company has made no representations regarding the newly filed patent.

The Seoul-based company launched a 3D TV in 2010 that has not been commercially successful due to the inconvenience of using the products.

In November 2018, Samsung filed patents for the holographic technology, which uses the existing display device to display high-resolution images that the company could include in future foldable handsets.

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