As mobile games grow at a brisk pace, smartphone manufacturers are taking a closer look at the best gaming experience possible with powerful software and hardware optimizations. Samsung is preparing to make waves in the field with an AI-assisted GPU acceleration technology to deliver superior gaming performance. Samsung's game performance acceleration solution could be called "Neuro Game Booster", if the registration mark deposit has something special, and will likely debut on the Galaxy S10's flagship product, which should be announced next month.

Samsung has filed a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (UIPO) in the European Union for a technology called "Neuro Game Booster", described in the application with words such as "gaming software electronics for smartphones "and" computer programs to play ". Games. "The trademark application, which was first spotted by GalaxyClub, was filed for name rights in the European Union.The filing also defines the technology as" artificial intelligence software ", which suggests that Samsung's Neuro Game Booster will use artificial intelligence to intelligently allocate system resources and improve gaming performance.

However, Neuro Game Booster is not an entirely new concept because Huawei already offers a similar solution called "GPU Turbo" on smartphones such as the Huawei P20 Pro '117 119 ₹ and the Honor Play. Samsung's trademark repository does not reveal any details about how Neuro Game Booster will achieve its goal. However, if the implementation of Huawei is to be followed, Samsung's gaming performance accelerating technology will rely on a synergy of hardware prowess and software optimization compatible with AI.

In addition, the description "Downloadable Game Software" indicates that Samsung may also integrate the technology with older smartphones, through updates or through a separate download package. It's unclear when Samsung will announce the Neuro Game Booster technology, but for now, the future Galaxy S10 seems to be the ideal candidate for the debut of Samsung's gaming performance accelerator technology. The Exynos 9820 SoC, launched last November and likely to power the Galaxy S10, certainly has the power of typing in the form of a powerful graphics processor Mali-G76 MP12 and an integrated neural processing unit (NPU) for the neural game. Boost to life.

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