It seems that the update PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 can finally bring zombies into play. At the end of last year, Tencent announced that it had partnered with Capcom on Resident Evil 2, and although both companies were looking forward to the expected outcome, it did not prevent leakages from appearing to give us an idea of ​​what in the PUBG Mobile is expected 0.10.5 update. The Zombies mode may become a cooperative experience with a map that is much smaller than you would expect from PUBG Mobile. In addition, Update 0.10.5 is already in beta and contains zombies in the waiting area and in maps, although you can not kill them.

Thanks to PUBG Mobile YouTubers, Mr. Ghost Gaming and Allthenewsisgoodnews, it looks like the PUBG Mobile Zombies update may be coming sooner than expected. A variety of videos based on the PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Beta show zombies added to the game. One of them, possibly based on datamined assets, even has a special card for the PUBG Mobile Zombies mode.

Other new additions are cosmetics for the Royale Pass, which would be in its fifth season. These are fresh costumes, gunskins and hairstyles. Some of them fit the apparent zombie theme and have a post-apocalyptic aesthetic that would not be inappropriate at Mad Max. A new take back system can also be added. This allows players to swap UC or Unknown Cash, as this is known for Battle Points. Initial evidence suggests that 50 ECU net would yield 500 BP.

Probably we believe that this will all be part of the update of PUBG Mobile 0.10.5, Mr. Ghost Gaming speculates that the zombies might be withheld for 0.11.0 or higher. This seems unlikely as Resident Evil 2 will fail on January 25, and it would make sense for Tencent to update the game before that date, most likely around January 18-20.

In addition, you can expect with a new death camera feature, as you have died in PUBG Mobile. A new weapon called the MK 47 Mutant, a laser visor gun mount and a rickshaw (or Tukshai as it's called in PUBG Mobile) will also grace the game. Maps such as Erangel and Miramar can also contain dynamic weather, so the rain can change the current PUBG mobile gameplay. In addition, Tencent has announced the return of a voice options known as Classic Voices, which will be available in PUBG Mobile Update 0.10.5.

PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update

  • Tukshai for Sanhok Map
  • New snow area in the Erangel card
  • New dynamic weather in the map of Miramar and Erangel
  • New Death Cam feature that shows you how you died
  • Zombies mode
  • MK 47 mutant rifle
  • Laser sighting device for weapons
  • Snowbike for Vikendi
  • New dance notes
  • Classic voices
  • PUBG Vikendi snow map removed from the beta
  • Royale Pass Season 5 cosmetics
  • Zombie map
  • UC for BP return system

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