Oppo confirmed the organization of a press conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on February 23, two days before the official opening of MWC 2019. The company has published its MWC 2019 invitation on Twitter. The slogan contains the hashtag #GetCloser, which gives us enough clues about the global showcase of its 10x optical zoom technology at an event on Feb. 23.

Just last week, Oppo announced its lossless 10x zoom technology at its Future Technology Conference, 2019. This technology is similar to the 5x optical zoom prototype that the company introduced at the MWC's last year in Barcelona. However, this time, the company adds an extra ultra-wide camera that has an equivalent focal length of 15.9 mm. The configuration now consists of three lenses for obtaining a 10x zoom.

Mr. Oppo said he would present his innovative camera at the MWC 2019, but it was unclear if we would also see a commercial product using 10x optical zoom. Meanwhile, YouTuber MrWhoseTheBoss suspects the Find X2 to be the first smartphone to incorporate 10x optical zoom technology. The flagship smartphone would also include a new integrated fingerprint scanner.

MWC 2019 can also be unveiled with a 10x optical zoom with a potentially fondable smartphone. We know very little about the company's first foldable smartphone. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is scheduled to take place from 25 to 28 February 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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