Oppo has confirmed that it is developing a smartphone camera system with a 10x zoom lens, as it is rumored. The technology resembles the company's 5x zoom prototype a few years ago and took advantage of the lateral width of the phone to provide the necessary physical depth with a periscope prism.

This time, the camera is 15.9-159mm long, which means that it begins with an extremely wide perspective and zooms into mid-telephoto. These are essentially three main lenses in one. Therefore, Oppos's claim of lossless zoom throughout the zoom range may not be accurate, but should be considered flexible.

The system has an optical image stabilization, but Oppo says nothing about the aperture, which was the disadvantage of previous experiments with zoom lenses on mobile phones. For example, the Asus Zenfone Zoom had a 3x f / 2.7-4.8 lens and the results were not very good. Even the 2: 1: 2.4 telephoto lens of the iPhone XS gives worse results than cropping the wider, faster main camera, except in the best lighting conditions.

Oppo says the camera will be shown at MWC 2019 next month, but it's unclear if this is a commercial product. The 5x zoom camera was demonstrated at MWC 2017 and has never been on the market. Therefore, the newer version is hopefully closer to the commercial reality. Oppo now claims that she is ready for mass production.

Oppo also says it will show a new in-display fingerprint sensor with 15 times the active area of ​​competitive solutions in the mainstream area. At last year's show, Vivo showed something similar to the phone's Apex concept, which eventually became the Nex, but not the larger "half screen" fingerprint sensor. Oppo now says that technology will ship in products this year.

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