There are sports shoes and then the really smart sports shoes. Nike has introduced the basketball shoe Adapt BB. This is not any other footwear that you could otherwise buy if you indulge in the sport. First of all, Nike does not have to tie the laces. On the other hand, Adapt BB is more about refining the fit and fit aspects. The key aspect is that it connects to the Nike Adapt app for smartphones. This is made possible by Nike Adapt, a platform that uses the advanced power-lacing system to control the fit of the shoe.

"We have chosen basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt because the athletes' demands are being met. During a normal basketball game, the athlete's foot changes, and the ability to quickly change the seat by loosening the shoe to increase blood circulation and then re-tightening to improve performance is a key element of which we believe enhances the athlete's experience, "said Eric Avar, Nike VP Creative Innovation Director.

When you put your foot into the Nike Adapt BB shoe, there is a custom motor and gear train that senses the tension required by the foot and adjusts the fit to keep the foot comfortable. This prevents the foot from rolling during movement in the shoe, which can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Nike says that the tensile strength of the underfoot lacing mechanism can exert a force of 32 pounds to secure the foot throughout the range of motion. Incidentally, this is also the power rating of a standard parachute cord. The Adapt BB uses the FitAdapt technology extensively. Here, you can customize the fit of the shoe using your smartphone app without having to manually do it or touch the shoe.

Nike says they are continually updating the Adapt BB shoe firmware through the Nike Adapt App to add new modes and improve the customization mechanism. Nike has confirmed an upcoming feature that suggests various warm-up adaptation modes and tightness settings. "We've finally incorporated shoes into the shoes, so we're continually improving the product you've already purchased," said Michael Donaghu, vice president of innovation at Nike, in an official statement.

The adjustment is another important feature of the Adapt BB shoe. There are two LEDs on the front of the shoe. The lighting colors for these shoes can also be adjusted using the Nike Adapt app.

The outer black shell of the upper material is made of high-strength Flyknit material, which is still seen in many other Nike shoes today. The inner white shell is a fit QuadFit net that adapts to the contours of the foot for a snug fit. The midsole is equipped with Cushlon foam, which does not require unnecessary lift to ensure comfort and responsiveness to any foot position and movement.

Nike suggests that the batteries in the boot, which drive the engine, the gear train, the connection to the phone and the LEDs, last about 14 days. The company sends the Adapt BB with the charging bag to recharge these batteries.

The new Adapt BB sneakers will be launched next month and cost $ 350 (around Rs. 24,000). The exact price and availability data for India is expected.

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