If you're still using Windows 7, you need to know that free support ends in less than a year. Microsoft will discontinue free Windows 7 support on January 14, 2020. At this time, this popular operating system is becoming increasingly insecure.

All versions of Windows have a limited shelf life. And while they are not disappearing, they are outdated due to the lack of new features and security updates. As the latest release of Windows, Windows 10 may be the exception to the rule, but the time of Windows 7 has expired.

The End Of Windows 7 Is Near

All good things must come to an end, including Windows 7. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. However, you can continue the good times by switching to Windows 10.

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft discontinues support for Windows 7. Mainstream support was discontinued in 2015, but Windows 7 continued to receive security updates thanks to extended support. If this ends in 2020, Windows 7 will stay as it is.

Companies can pay Microsoft for continued support of Windows 7. However, this option is not available to consumers. So you have to choose between an unsupported operating system, an upgrade to Windows 10, or a change of operating system.

Less than a year before the end, there are still millions of people using Windows 7. Just as millions of people used Windows XP beyond their prime. Microsoft hopes that these people will upgrade to Windows 10, but there is no guarantee.

While many are upgrading, others are using Windows 7 anyway. This is not advisable in the long run if Windows 7 is likely to become more insecure and flawed each month without updates being released to resolve this issue.

Start looking beyond Windows 7

There is no need to panic. Windows 7 is still good for a year, and on January 15, 2020 it will not suddenly become useless. However, Windows 7 users must at least think about their options, since Windows 7 will soon be outdated, obsolete and inactive Microsoft's radar.

It should be noted that Windows 10 is not perfect. Because of this, many users have delayed the update. The time is up. Therefore, you should consider upgrading to Windows 10. If you hate Windows 10, you should buy a Chromebook instead.

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