LG Introduces a 4K TV that will be rolled up That Will Be Sold In 2019.

A year ago, we saw LG Display's mobile 65-inch TV prototype at CES. LG Electronics is now launching the company's flagship 4K OLED TV for 2019. The finished Signature OLED TV R that consumers can buy Sometime this spring - at an astronomical top price - this prototype is quite similar, but LG has refined the base station and added a 100 watt Dolby Atmos speaker for powerful built-in audio ,

This is a television that is always available when you want it, and disappears when you do not need it. Not everyone likes to have a big black rectangle at the center of the living room, and many people do not own a television at all. TV producers are starting to realize that aesthetics are important to some, so they design products that fit better in the home. Samsung has The Frame, which can hang on your wall when not in use as a hanging piece of art. It alternates between pieces by van Gogh and other museum contents. Samsung also makes the serif, which looks like a piece of furniture thanks to its built-in shelf. But there are still a lot of televisions, because they are always there anyway - even if they look better.

LG goes a few steps further by turning off the TV completely when you are not watching. It falls slowly and very evenly into the base and rises again at the push of a button in about 10 seconds. This is also pretty quiet. Unfortunately, you can not see the actual "roll" when the TV is closed. A transparent base would be great for us nerds to see what happens in the base when the TV is fading in or out, but the white is certainly a bit more stylish. Functionally, LG says it has not made many changes to how the LG Display prototype works, other than improving the base. I did not ask for durability tests - how many times was the OLED TV R tested, for example, to go up and down - but that's something I hope to get an answer.

There is also a mode - LG calls it "Line Mode" - with the screen falling down so that only about a quarter of the screen is displayed. You will still have music controls on the screen and the option to control your smart home gadgets in this mode. LG also offers some moods like a crackling fireplace or rainy tones. I'm not sure how much of it is used in the real world, but you can do that with your futuristic rollable TV.

Alexa voice control will be supported this year in addition to the existing Google Assistant integration with LG's webOS software. Just hold down the Prime Video button on the remote to call Alexa. And LG is also one of the companies adding Apple's AirPlay 2 for easy media playback or device mirroring. You can play music on the Atmos speaker system even when the TV is completely rolled up, which is great. Port selection is similar to other premium LG devices. They are all on the back of the base. LG is making the move to HDMI 2.1 with the 2019 series, which is a big plus in terms of the future viability of this very expensive TV.

LG insists that customers lose nothing in terms of image quality or sacrifice anything by selecting a scrollable display over one of the rigid, standard OLED sets. This should be one of the best in the company when it comes to brightness and contrast, and has the same second-generation Alpha 9 processor as LG's other 2019 TVs. You get all the OLED hallmarks like perfect black, great viewing angles and a great mix of vibrant HDR color. But we have to wait for a direct comparison to see if there is a slight performance trade-off.

However, this TV has a secondary purpose and not only provides a fantastic viewing experience: it can no longer be displayed when not in use. The ugly black rectangle disappears in seconds and you can enjoy everything else in your living room. LG has been annoying bendable, rollable displays at CES for years, but now there's a very real product that's almost done for consumers.

And damn, it will be expensive.

Remember, the company's OLED TV started at $ 8,000. This is much more impressive, so I assume that it will be considerably more expensive. At the moment, LG just says the price will be offered at a premium price in the spring when it appears in retail, probably around March. So it will be a few years before many people can afford a rollable 4K TV. But at least you can admire the technique at your local Best Buy in the meantime.

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