Bangalore: India's space agency wants to set up a special platform to launch miniature satellites that are tailored to the needs of developing and domestic science.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is developing a 100 kg satellite bus in response to the growing demand that has recently come on the market to launch nano-satellites, according to ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair.

"We are trying to find a small platform that can accommodate scientific experiments, or one that can be used for various clustering and similar things," Nair told PTI.

He said that it would be a 100kg bus that would hit the market in 2008. The platform will have a unique imaging system that can be used in third world countries. "With cost-effective terminals, they can get data about their region that meets the needs of different developing countries," he said.

This would be well received, especially in the Indian scientific community. Nair, who is also Secretary of the Department of Space and chair of the Space Commission, is confident that many scientific missions will continue in the 11th Plan (2007-12).

Nair found that ISRO's first satellite many years ago was a 40 kg nano-satellite. "Since demand was not there before, we have not focused on nano-satellites so far. But many scientists now want to come to small experiments, and against this background, it makes no sense to make big satellites for them.

Bangalore ISRO is also trying to get to Africa, where its presence is "not very strong," he said. "We are looking for partners who help us make contacts in the African region."

ISRO has set up a telemedicine network in Ethiopia and is currently examining an education network in other parts of Africa. "We will try to expand our activities in Africa slowly," said Nair.

The agency's marketing department, Antrix Corporation, generated $ 500 billion in revenue in 2006/07 and will adopt a more aggressive approach to driving the satellite communications business.

"Some suggestions are generated (antrix is ​​accepted)," said Nair.

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