Hyundai has finally unveiled its new unique mobility concept, which it has been working on for three years at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. Hyundai calls it the Elevate concept, a radical quadruped that has redefined Hyundai's statement of mobility. It combines the best of autonomous mobility and EV technology, and aims to get people where no other vehicle has been before. For example, Hyundai says the vehicle could be used as if exploring other planets.

Hyundai says, however, that the need to design the Elevate concept is more humanitarian. "What if a robotic car could save lives in disasters," said John Suh, Innovation Head of Hyundai. "The need for search and rescue and humanitarian aid is growing worldwide," he added. Hyundai also said in the publication that this concept could be used to carefully rescue injured people from disaster areas or uneven terrain.

"This design is uniquely suited for mammalian and reptilian movements, so it can move in any direction," Hyundai said in a publication. Elevate can climb over walls of up to 1.5 m in height, with the vehicle body is held at ground level.

"This technology goes far beyond emergency situations. People with disabilities worldwide who do not have access to an ADA ramp could welcome an autonomous Hyundai Elevate who could walk to their front door, the level itself, and roll their wheelchair right in, "Suh continued. "The possibilities are unlimited."

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