• Facebook announced the new tools in a blog Monday.
  • The advertising archive will be publicly available for up to seven years, said Facebook.
  • Facebook to set up new regional operations centers.

As India faces elections in a few months, Facebook has announced it will launch transparency tools for election advertising next month in the country to prevent foreign interference and make political advertising more transparent. and the publication on its platform.

Advertisers will need to be allowed to buy political ads, and Facebook will give viewers more information about policy and issue ads.

"We will create a publicly available library of these ads for up to seven years, and the library will include information on the size of the advertising budget, the number of people contacted, and the demographics of the people who viewed the ad, including their age. their gender, Samidh Chakrabarti, director of product management, Civic Engagement at Facebook, said in an article published Monday on his blog.

Facebook has announced plans to establish two new regional electoral integrity centers, located in its offices in Dublin and Singapore.

"This will allow our international teams to work better between regions in the run-up to elections.

"These teams will add a layer of defense against misinformation, hate speech and voter repression, and work cross-functionally with our intelligence, data science, engineering, research, community operations and intelligence teams. , Legal and Other, "said Katie Harbath, Global Policy and Government Outreach Director on Facebook.

The company said it would continue to expand its third-party verification program, which covers content in 16 languages.

"We have developed the ability for fact checkers to revise photos and videos in addition to article links, as we know that multimedia misinformation is a bigger part of fake news," said Facebook.

The company announced that it will hold a series of workshops over the next six months in Singapore, Delhi, Nairobi, Berlin, New York, Mexico City and others, inviting experts and organizations working on issues such as freedom of expression. expression, technology and democracy, procedures equity and human rights.

Last month, Facebook announced that it would start posting a warning on all political ads in India, which would provide more information about advertisers and a searchable online search library accessible to all.

"Anyone wishing to post a policy ad in India will first have to confirm their identity and location, and then specify who placed the ad," said Sarah Clark Schiff, product manager at Facebook.

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