Facebook's portal's smart displays had a tough fight, trying to persuade people to give the notoriously secure social media company another way into their homes. However, it does seem that some people are quite satisfied with their portals: Facebook employees who were just caught leaving five-star ratings for their own product on Amazon.

But it is no coincidence. Facebook manager Andrew "Boz" Bosworth has apparently confirmed on Twitter that he is actually an employee of the company, even though he says that the company has not encouraged this behavior.

As Roose notes in his tweet, at least three of the approximately 100 five-star reviews for the Facebook portal match the names of certain Facebook employees: Tim Chappell, also Head of Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing AR / VR Products; Javier Cumbria, an event marketer on Facebook; and Oren Hafif, corporate security manager. (Hafif's review was actually called by another Amazon reviewer last month, stating that Hafif - or at least someone with the same name - works on Facebook, but Hafif did not respond to that comment).

All three eligible ratings are listed as "Verified Purchases". This means that the Amazon system has confirmed that these products were purchased from Amazon. Based on Boz's comments, these are just three Facebook employees who are really happy with the Facebook portals they've bought and want to share the good news with the world without encouraging companies. However, the rules at Amazon are clear: the online retailer prohibits the creation, modification, or posting of content related to the products or services of your (or your relatives, close friends, business associates, or employers) that this would definitely be.

According to Bosworth of Facebook, the reviews were "neither co-ordinated nor managed by the company," and, moreover, the first time Portal employees were introduced, it was strongly recommended that they internally encourage employees not to review products sold by Amazon, and that they These employees would ask to remove their products reviews.

Facebook is a huge company with thousands of employees. Even with internal communications, it's easy to see how few people did not know they did not want to post reviews. However, it is unbelievable how open the practice can be: Chappell's review, which quite disingenuously claims to be "historically not a big Facebook user or other social media user", but also "took a chance and used 4 portals and 1 portal plus get the family "is not a great look for the company There is a reason why Amazon prohibits the policy altogether.

Facebook lost a lot of trust last year. The last thing the company needs is allegations that it's astroturfing too.

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