You've probably heard of Caviar and its enigmatic devices, such as the Nokia 3310 with faces of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin engraved in gold, or the Samsung Galaxy Note9 with 1 kg of pure gold.

The Russian company now moves to a higher level with a complete makeover of the Nokia 6500. The phone has a brand new look with a hexagonal body, designed to look like a Viking sword.

The Viking Caviar Ragnar Carbon, as well as the full name of the device, has a T9 titanium keyboard. It also comes with a "charismatic carbon" frame, "majestically expensive" in alligator leather, all inspired by the virility of the ancient Vikings.

In terms of specifications, this is about the same Nokia 6500: 2.2-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 320 x 240, 830 mAh and a 2 MP camera with LED flash and a loudspeaker. 'back.

According to the official website, not all Viking could afford a sword. Such a glamorous tool is therefore also a symbol of social status. Everyone could own a weapon, but only the chosen ones had high quality blades. So, to take advantage of the power and strength of real men, Caviar wants you to separate 179,000 RUB, or 2,600 USD.

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