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  • BSNL has announced its new FTTH service called Bharat Fiber.
  • The phone company has announced that its new service will offer 35 GB of data per day at a price as low as Rs 1.1 per GB.
  • The reservation for the new service is now open on the company's website.

BSNL has announced the launch of its BSNL Bharat Fiber service, a FTTH (Fiber to the-Home) Internet service for its consumers. On competitors like Jio GigaFiber and Airtel Broadband, the service would offer 35 GB of data per day at a price as low as Rs 1.1 per GB. To ensure that users can express their interest in the new service, BSNL started booking Bharat Fiber via its online portal. The telecom company says the new service aims to expand its offering and provide the internet in "every home" in the country. Digit confirmed that the new service announced that BSNL would now offer fiber-based rather than cable-based Internet services and extend its Internet services to more parts of the country. This new service does not provide for new plans because it uses the current FTTH plans mentioned on the phone companies' website. The announcement came shortly after the state-owned telecommunications operator announced a 25% cash back on its semiannual and annual broadband plans.

"We have realized that customers are now demanding ultra-fast Internet access and that they are increasingly equipped with electronic gadgets and entertainment tools," says BSNL's CFA director Vivek Bansal in a news release. press. "As a result, our Fiber to Home technology has been upgraded and we are pleased to announce the launch of Bharat Fiber, which will be affordable and able to meet the enormous data demands of our customers." Banzal adds: "The Bharat Fibre bookings have already been started on the bsnl portal. Our technology is one of the best because digital India is a national mission and we want to make every effort to make it happen in every home in our country. "

As mentioned above, this new service will come up against offers from Jio and Airtel offering their own respective Internet services. Jio's GigaFiber Internet service is being selectively deployed to users, depending on the region from which most consumers have expressed interest in the service. There is no definitive schedule for when Jio GigaFiber will be available to everyone.

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