If you spend $ 750 or more on a phone, you probably do not want to buy a $ 129 battery case. I have received more angry tweets about Apple's just-released smart battery cases for the current generation iPhone, as I can remember lately. Apple's cases have arrived months after the iPhones debuted in September and October, and it is reported that battery replacement may have contributed to a decline in iPhone sales during the last iPhone cycle.

I checked Apple's first Smart Battery Case years ago. It was good and it gave the iPhone 6S enough juice to survive my hardest work routes.

I now have Apple's latest Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, both in black, for the test run. I will soon have the iPhone XR version as well. Here are my thoughts after just a day or so.

  • They are fine so far. Like the previous Smart Battery Cases they are made of rubberized outer material and a soft microfiber lining. They are attached to the iPhones by bending the top of the case backwards, inserting the phone and docking with the inner Lightning connector.
  • The case is charged via Lightning or wirelessly via Qi-Docks. The case can be charged by itself if you use the iPhone separately. A small LED glows orange within the case and then green when fully charged.
  • The battery of the case discharges in front of the phone. As with many other battery cases, the battery of the case is consumed first, leaving the phone fully charged.
  • It is a dust magnet. The rubberized coating picked up all the particles on my dusty coffee table and ended up in my bag with things. In cold weather with a lot of static charge bring a good cloth.
  • Yes, the iPhone is full. It's no big deal with the iPhone XS, but the XS Max feels great about the case. The handle of the case is comfortable, but you have to put a lot in a bag.
  • There are Lightning pass-through and button overlays. The Lightning port is built into the housing and not recessed.
  • The iPhone X fits in the XS case, but you need to upgrade to 12.1.2. At first, the iPhone X stated that it was plugged into an unsupported accessory and nothing happened. But after an iOS update, everything seemed fine. I have not seen any problems: The battery has been charged, and although the lower microphone openings are not quite the same (the XS has only a few holes on one side), fit all the buttons and the camera lens well and the phone fits properly.
  • How much battery life is there? I'll try the XS Max case first. After one morning of use (at 7am), the case's battery had dropped to about 47 percent at 11am. With this early measure, you should not expect 100 percent more battery. Both the XS and XS Max battery cases have the same battery capacity: 1369 mAh / 10.1 Wh. I'm a little disappointed that the Max battery bay did not have more battery life, but the price is the same as the smaller one XS version. The larger battery of the XS Max does not charge as much as the XS.

Do you really need an iPhone XS Max or XR battery tray?

It's strange that Apple has developed an iPhone XS Max case because this phone has enough battery life to run smoothly for a day. It could be necessary for a crazy week-long business, like the trip to the CES in Vegas, from which I just flew back. The new case seems to be the most suitable for XS owners (the battery life of the phone is not great). The iPhone XR already has an excellent battery life, and Apple has also made a battery compartment for this phone. I do not think I would need it, and I doubt you would if you do not plan to travel for days with a charger. And in this case ... what about a cheap battery? Consider whether a simple, affordable battery (or a cheaper battery case) makes the most sense. Mophie's equally expensive iPhone case will be released soon, but saves no money.

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