The so-called "standalone" delivery vehicle will actually be accompanied by an Amazon employee when he drives into the affluent suburbs.

Amazon has revealed its new six-wheeled delivery drone called "Scout", which it says began delivering parcels in Snohomish County, Washington this week.

According to Amazon, the devices are about the size of a small cooler, and "roll along the sidewalks [the pavements] one way", as shown in the advertising video generously accompanied by the release.

According to Amazon, Scout is "designed to securely route parcels to customers using standalone delivery devices", even though its range is unclear and if that autonomy is more than a programmed path to follow.

The company says the Scouts will be "initially accompanied by an Amazon employee" when they drive and add that they are able to "navigate safely and efficiently around pets, pedestrians and all that is on their way ".

In the advertising video, the recipient of a package must leave the house to recover it. The Scout for her without any obvious authentication mechanism that she uses to unlock it. The lid looks thin and not particularly resistant to burglary.

Although, sometimes, Amazon appears more like a retail giant with a very successful website than a technology company, growing its cloud hosting industry, Amazon Web Services, and its investment in development broadcast devices give it solid references.

The company conducts similar trials in locations around the world, with better-protected environments, such as university and industrial campuses, providing a valuable use case for pre-programmed or self-guided delivery vehicles.

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