One of the year's most exciting foldable phones will be the Samsung Galaxy F, a device that was shown in early November. The phone has a tablet-sized display when it is unfolded, but should not be larger than a normal smartphone when folded. The new design is made possible by a special transparent film that uses Samsung instead of the glass to cover the flexible OLED screen, as well as a hinge mechanism that allows folding.

However, Samsung has developed other designs for foldable handsets, including a model that uses magnets to connect two seemingly independent smartphones.

Samsung did not confirm the release date in its announcement on November 7, but stated that its release in 2019 is almost certain.

In this summary, we take a look at what we currently know about the expected foldable Samsung phone, and any rumors about this device that have been reported over the years.

We will be updating this article with the latest plausible news and rumors about this Samsung foldable smartphone as it reports.

Samsung Foldable Phone: Name, Release Date and Price

At its developer conference in November, Samsung announced the first details of its foldable phone. Samsung sneered and announced that its screen technology is called Samsung Infinity Flex Display, but it did not show us too much and dimmed the lights to obscure details of the design. Furthermore, Samsung has not provided a name or expected release date for the device.

However, there were constant rumors regarding the production of the phone and the date of speculation. In April, The Bell reported that Samsung had planned to start production in November to launch it in early 2019. MK, citing a senior Samsung official, later said it plans to release the device in the first quarter of 2008 next year.

Those who want to get hold of a foldable phone might start saving now: MK suggests that Samsung sell the device for just under 2 million won (about $ 1,791).

No matter if that's absolutely accurate or not, Samsung's first Foldable Phone is certainly not cheap.

In mid-July, the Wall Street Journal cited people who were familiar with the project. Samsung will launch its foldable phone in early 2019 (which could coincide with an announcement at the Mobile World Congress in February) and that the phone would eventually become available. The same report claimed that the phone was over $ 1,500 could cost.

Samsung Foldable Phone: Specifications and Design

Samsung has given us some details about the displays and the user interface of the phone

Samsung's folding phone has two displays: a large 4.5-inch screen (840 x 1960) on the outside or front of the unit and a hinged 7.3-inch (1536 x 2152) display on the inside. Bloomberg reports that there is no in-display fingerprint sensor because it is difficult to provide such a sensor with screen technology.

Although Samsung had a prototype device on stage at the developer conference, it was housed in a thick box so people could not see it properly. Because of this, we're still not sure what the final version of the phone will look like.

However, Samsung did show some renderings of a folding device. These images showed a device with fairly large apertures around the outer display and much smaller apertures around the inner, foldable display. We do not know if these images are similar to the final design, but we expect refinements.

Not much else has been confirmed in terms of specifications or the design of the phone. As expected, however, Samsung revealed details about the device UI.

The layout of the user interface changes automatically, depending on whether the device is folded or unfolded. There will also be continuity between the two ads; If you're using an app on the front, open the phone. The app will open automatically on the larger inner display.

This was also confirmed by Google the same day at the developer conference. Google said that Android will soon support foldable devices, and released an animation on how it could work.

In addition, Samsung has introduced a multi-active window, a multi-tasking system that allows you to run up to three apps simultaneously on the larger display.

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