In an exciting new launch, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi introduced a new electronic trading platform called ShareSave. Limited to India at the moment, Xiaomi ShareSave aims to provide a fast and efficient way to order Xiaomi-ecosystem products that have not yet been marketed outside of China. The company uses social e-commerce as the platform's primary model, which will allow users to make direct purchases or pair their orders with friends and family for discounts. ShareSave is only available as an Android app on Google Play. There is no word if the company plans to publish an iOS version of the application or launch a Web version.

According to an article on the official Xiaomi blog, the company hopes to provide its fans with a convenient and affordable way to order Mi ecosystem devices that have just been marketed in China with the Xiaomi ShareSave. This is a global initiative, India being the launch market. The company plans to expand it to other markets in the future.

"Xiaomi strongly believes in the power of Mi communities and fans, and the social aspect of ShareSave is a perfect reflection. ShareSave offers a place where Mi fans can connect, enjoy and share a unique #SharetoSave shopping experience. It also serves as a testing ground for key markets, allowing Xiaomi to learn more about local demand for various types of products, "the company writes in its blog.

Xiaomi notes that there are three modes of purchase available on Sharesave - Pair-up, Drop, Kickstart. As the name suggests, with Pair-up, you can ask a friend or family member to buy the product with you and receive a fixed discount. Drop, on the other hand, allows buyers to choose a product from a selection list and then invite their friends and family to drop it. The more friends you have, the lower the price. When the product reaches the targeted price, you get it for free or at a 50% discount. The third mode, called "Kickstart", allows buyers to recover the desired products for an initial payment as low as $ 0.2. Once the product is financed, they will receive the reward of this amount ten times in the form of a voucher. In addition to all these modes, consumers also have the option of making direct purchases at the indicated price.

The company announced that it has signed a partnership with 100 IoT and lifestyle companies for ShareSave, some of which belong to its incubation platform. Some of the products currently available on Xiaomi ShareSave are the Mi x Wiha precision screwdriver, the Yeelight LED bulb (color) and Sources Sonic X1 Lite electric toothbrush. The company is committed to providing comprehensive local support for all products purchased through the platform and at home.

As mentioned before, Xiaomi ShareSave is only available as an Android application. You can visit Google Play to download the official app.

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