The new Mi Micro USB braided cable from Xiaomi supports fast charging of up to 2 A and the possibility of fast data transfer.

Xiaomi has introduced a new micro-USB cable with quick-charging function in India. The price is Rs 249 and is currently available on the company's official website. The company has not made the Type C version of its braided quick charge cable available in the country.

In China, a 100 cm USB Type C version of this cable is being sold. The company claims that its new Mi-Micro USB braided cable supports fast charging up to 2 A and also enables fast data transfer. The cable is available in two color options - red and black.

The cable consists of five protective layers consisting of a DuPont Kevlar fiber layer, an aluminum foil layer, a copper-coated zinc layer, a PTE protective layer and an advanced aramid fiber braid layer.

The connections are also provided with additional protection to prevent the cable from breaking during normal wear. The company claims with all these layers and protected connections that the cable is extremely strong and has no tangles.

Xiaomi also claims that the cable allows users a fast data transfer rate. They indicate that the cable allows data transfer rates of up to 48 Mbps.

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