• WhatsApp Payments uses UPI to transfer money between counterparts in India.
  • WhatsApp Payments is still in beta in India.
  • There is no word on the beginning of international expansion.

Although WhatsApp is still waiting for the full rollout of its payment service in India, the company owned by Facebook is already targeting other markets. As part of his remarks when calling Facebook's fourth quarter results, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company would deploy payments on WhatsApp in certain markets. This year, it did not give details on the upcoming launch, but these are probably the markets on which WhatsApp is incredibly popular and should be quickly adopted. This is not the first time that Zuckerberg has alluded to the expansion of WhatsApp Payments outside of India. Last year, he wrote a similar line in the company's second quarter earnings call.

"Messaging is the fastest growing field, and this year, users will feel that these apps will become the center of their social experience in a variety of ways - we'll make payments on WhatsApp in other countries." in groups and We will deploy payments on WhatsApp in other countries, "said Zuckerberg, indicating that the payment functionality would be rolled out this year in a larger number of countries.

WhatsApp Payments was introduced for the first time in India last February, first in the beta version of its Android and iOS applications, and then in the stable version. The feature itself still remains in beta and has not been offered to all users of the chat application in the country due to regulatory hurdles. The Reserve Bank of India has not given the green light to the company to open the floodgates. Although we are approaching the first year of service, its future in India remains uncertain. Hopefully Facebook has learned from this experience.

There is currently no word on the upcoming markets for receiving WhatsApp payments, however, some of the potential candidates are Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia and Brazil, given that it This is some of the biggest markets of the chat application. It is also unclear what WhatsApp will use as a back-end for the payment service in other markets, because in India, the company uses a UPI exclusive to India.

The share of monthly active users combined Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram also exceeded 2.7 billion. During the call, Zuckerberg also noted that the unified platform WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger will not be available until 2020.

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