• The new Media menu is available in Beta 2.1.18 and later.
  • WhatsApp has essentially simplified the Multimedia menu.
  • Now users can find where the media has been shared in the chat.

WhatsApp has again been spotted testing new features in its beta versions for Android. This time, we see changes to the shared "Multimedia" section within the group or individual chats, with new options for displaying the media content in the chat, a new overflow menu for defining the media content as a profile picture, group icon or wallpaper. as well as a new simple rotation option. Overall, the changes have the effect of simplifying the Media menu to reduce the number of options displayed. As a reminder, WhatsApp has recently been identified with 21 new emoji designs in a beta version of Android. Previously, a group call shortcut option was deployed for users with stable versions.

Let's start with the new shared options 'Media'. As reported by the beta tracker of WhatsApp, WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for Android beta v2.19.18 have reviewed the options that users see in the Multimedia section of individual or group discussions. Users browsing photos in the Multimedia section will now see new options if they press the three-point menu button. These options are "Show in Chat", "Set as ..." and "Rotate". The first option lets you see where that particular image or video was shared in an individual or group discussion.

"Set as" is not new, but instead of individual options for images "Set as profile picture", "Set as group icon" and "Use as wallpaper", the menu has been simplified and the Now users can tap the "Set As ..." pop-up menu to display "My Profile Photo", "Group Icon" and "Wallpaper" as target locations.

Finally, the "Rotate" option is not new either, but instead of "Rotate Left" and "Rotate Right" of previous versions, users can press Rotate several times to achieve the same effect. As we mentioned, WABetaInfo was the first to spot the changes, and we could also view them, both in the WhatsApp version for Android beta v2.19.18 (APK link) and in a later version - v2. 19.21 (APK link).

As a reminder, WhatsApp for Android beta v2.19.21 also included 21 reorganized emojis, which we reported earlier this week. WABetaInfo notes that the build prepares remote activation of the fingerprint authentication feature that has been detected (as "disabled by default") in previous beta versions.

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