Truecaller is one of the first international technology companies to proactively take the step of storing its Indian user data locally in India

New Delhi: After the Swedish Caller ID app complied with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) standards on data payment data tracking, Truecaller said Wednesday that all Indian user data is now hosted in India. This makes Truecaller one of the first international technology companies to proactively take the step of storing its Indian user data in India.

The move is a user-centered step that aims to protect personal information and create more transparency in the ecosystem, the company said in a statement.

"All system providers ensure that all data about their payment systems is stored only in India. This data should include the complete end-to-end transaction details / information collected / transported / processed as part of the message / money order, "RBI said in its circular of 6 April 2018.

For the foreign part of the transaction, the data can be stored in a foreign country.

RBI has issued the Better Transaction Surveillance Policy. It gave companies six months to submit their compliance report by 15 October.

According to Truecaller, the company had already begun storing the payment data of its Indian users of its Unified Payment Interface (UPI) based payment service in India, if required by RBI.

"Payments as vertical was rebuilt from scratch last year following the acquisition of the Indian payment company Chillr. This made Truecaller fully compliant with RBI data localization standards from the start, compared to other international companies. "

Unlike Truecaller, most major payment companies had voiced concern about the new standards and called on the central bank to ease the rules for storing older transactions.

"This is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure a better quality of our core services in terms of Truecaller's payment, messaging and caller identification capabilities. This also protects the privacy of our users and is our way of committing our users and their data, while respecting the laws of the geographic regions in which We operate, "Truffeler co-founder and chief strategy officer Namo Zaringalam said.

Truecaller announces around 250 million users worldwide, including more than 150 million in India.

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