Xiaomi is known in China for much more than just smartphones, although the company still wants to bring many of its other electronic products to foreign countries. The company announced a new electronic refrigerator named Yunmi 118-liter refrigerator. The company introduced a 300-liter, larger-capacity refrigerator under the same Yunmi brand last year. This new version is smaller and can be preordered today for only 699 RMB (about 7,500 Rs).

The 118-liter refrigerator from Yunmi has a double-door design and was designed with energy efficiency in mind. There are two insulations - a high-density layer of 68 mm and a second layer of 47 mm. This insulation saves a lot of power and drastically improves cooling.

While the exact dimensions are not known, Xiaomi says Yunmi's 118-liter refrigerator fits in small spaces and is relatively compact. Its footprint is similar to that of a chair and can fit comfortably in small spaces without taking up much space. It has a 29L freezer above a 89L refrigerator and a total capacity of 118L. The compressor used is one of the best known in the industry and has a high voltage protection of 1250 V.

Xiaomi launched a 30-liter Yunmi Smart refrigerator in November last year, priced at RMB 3,399. Needless to say, it had far more features than this newly launched compact model. The 118-liter refrigerator from Yunmi will be launched in China today at a price of 699 RMB (around 7,500 Rs).

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