The Raspberry Pi has proven to be a home improvement goldmine that has developed items ranging from a disposable GIF camera and mini-Lego Mac, to various types of robots, to a walkie-talkie with the most affordable, card-size computer. Now another home improvement has created something really impressive in the form of a mouse, which is suitable as a full-fledged computer. Appropriately referred to as "the computer mouse", the device has a small color display, a retractable keyboard and of course a fully functional mouse, which also forms the main body.

A creator talking about "Electronic Grenade" has developed a fascinating device that at first glance looks like an oversized mouse, with a tiny screen in front of the wheel button. A Raspberry Pi Zero W with a 1 GHz single-core CPU is at the heart of the "computer mouse" coupled with 512 MB of RAM. The tiny computer also brings features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the table. The entire mouse body, which is rather large compared to a normal mouse, was printed with 3D printing to create space and sockets for keyboard, keys and other parts.


  • The computer mouse has a small 1.5-inch color display
  • It also has a pull-out keyboard on the base
  • The home computer is powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The inspiration behind "The Computer Mouse" was another DIY project in which a Raspberry Pi was built into a keyboard to create a plug-and-play computer. The computer mouse is equipped with a 1.5-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 129 pixels, while a wireless keyboard is located on the pull-out compartment on the bottom of the device. Finally, there is an on / off switch on the edge, with which the tiny calculating machine is raised.

In terms of use, you can use the "Computer Mouse" to perform a variety of tasks, such as: For example, punch out a text file with the pull-out keyboard or play Minecraft. Just do not expect it to do a heavy job given the machine's computing power. And in the words of the creator, "The Computer Mouse" is not a very practical device. Why? Let's start with the fact that 'The Computer Mouse' takes about 40 seconds to power up after the power button is turned on. Nevertheless, it is an ingenious creation that deserves praise and recognition for the efforts of its creator.

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