Before the deadline of 1 February for the transition to the new broadcasting regime, the telecommunications regulator, TRAI, asked the direct-to-home television operators to honour the commitments paid in advance for the ongoing long-term packages, if the customer wishes.

The Chairman of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), SRS Sharma, told PTI that there was no change in the deadline of 1 February for the migration to the new regime tariffs for broadcasting and cable services. Sharma said he remained "confident" for a smooth transition on the scheduled day without any inconvenience to customers.

Sharma also said that if a DTH customer with an existing long-term plan wanted to exercise their choice of the channel at the mid-point (opt for specific channels in the new plan), the balance of the money in the client's wallet should then be adjusted by the operator.

TRAI unveiled the new rate order and regulatory regime applicable to the broadcasting and cable sector, which would allow consumers to opt for the channels they want to watch and pay only for them. He said that each channel should be proposed à la carte, with a transparent display of rates on the electronic program guide.

Earlier this month, TRAI unveiled a web-based application to facilitate the channel selection process for DTH and cable users. The Channel Selector application will help users to optimize the selection of their choice and also inform them of the maximum retail price of their selection. The app guides you through different steps and then organizes a list of channels according to your preference. You can select the channels of your choice and know your monthly rental via this app.

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