The anti-vaccination movement - where tragically misguided parents are led to believe that vaccines against childhood diseases are responsible for diseases such as autism - results exactly in what doctors have always said. The states of Oregon and Washington now face a measles epidemic, which had already been eliminated throughout the United States in 2000.

As reported by the Associated Press, at least 35 people are now confirmed, and about a dozen other suspected cases remain to be confirmed. Of the 35 confirmed cases of the secular disease, 31 of those infected have never been vaccinated against the disease.

The inexpensive and incredibly effective measles vaccine found itself at the heart of an incredibly stupid controversy in the late 1990s when a report retracted since it linked it to autism in children. The inaccurate factual report was repeatedly criticized in subsequent years, but this did not prevent some parents from choosing not to vaccinate their children against diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella.

Not vaccinating children decreases what is known as the "collective immunity" of a given population, which greatly facilitates the spread of disease between individuals who have not been vaccinated. After eradication in the states, measles outbreaks have begun to appear, particularly in areas where the vaccination rate is lower than in the past.

Washington State has declared a state of emergency less than a week earlier because of the measles epidemic, and health officials are struggling to contain the contagious disease before it spreads in new regions. The vaccine itself is very effective and prevents measles in 97% of people.

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