• Opera Touch brings the private mode for iOS users.
  • An initial version can also be downloaded by iPad users.
  • Now, Android and iOS users have a private mode.

Opera Touch is now available for iPad users. The browser was made available to iOS users last October, but at that time it was only available to iPhone users and not to iPad users. The iPad version of the Opera Touch has been launched and it is available on the App Store. In addition, Opera Touch also introduces the private mode for iOS users. Last April, Opera unveiled its latest mobile browser that can connect to the new Opera browser without having to set a password or login.

Opera has only made the initial version of Opera Touch available to iPad users. This is an encouraging return for early users and is looking to eventually bring more features. In addition, Opera Touch for iOS also switches to private mode, which makes it now available on iOS and Android. For those who do not know it, the private mode is a feature that gives you more privacy while browsing. It opens a separate session for browsing and does not record history or cookies.

Upgrade to the latest version of Opera Touch for the iOS version to get the new private mode. It is available in the menu option (three dots) located in the upper right corner of the browser. The background becomes dark as soon as you enter private mode and when you have finished navigating privately and you decide to leave it, the browser will ask you if you want to keep your private tabs during the next incognito cycle.

To exit the private mode, return to click on the three points and click on "Exit private mode". This option will simply leave the mode private and keep your tabs open so you can access them later. There is also an "exit and close private tabs" option that removes cookies and all data from the device's site.

One of the key features of the new Opera Touch is that the navigation is designed to be used with one hand, allowing users to navigate the Internet more easily. Opera claims that the newer browser comes with "more modern" design than the Safari browser. It is equipped with an integrated advertising blocker with anti-piracy protection. it starts directly in search mode and is accompanied by key elements of the browser at the bottom of the screen. It also comes with an end-to-end encrypted stream feature that connects multiple devices and allows them to share images, notes, links, and videos.

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