NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe has already had a year full of events. After arriving at the space rock known as Bennu in early December, the spacecraft ended in 2018 when it successfully entered orbit around the object, making Bennu the smallest body ever orbited by a spaceship built by man.

As NASA prepares for a multi-month investigation into the asteroid, the OSIRIS-REx team has revealed the most amazing images of rock to date. Captured in orbit by the probe's NavCam imaging tools, the photos give us a better insight into Bennu's surface littered with debris.

"These two OpNav images from Bennu's southern hemisphere, which each have an exposure time of about 1.4 milliseconds, were captured on January 17 at a distance of about a mile," writes NASA. "They were cropped and the contrast was adjusted to better reveal the characteristics of the surface."

To give you a better idea of ​​the size of the asteroid and smaller objects on its surface, NASA indicates that the big rock seen in the second image above has a width of about 165 feet.

OSIRIS-REx will spend approximately the next year studying the surface of the asteroid and performing various readings that it will transmit to Earth. Finally, the spacecraft will perform a tricky sample collection operation and then fly to Earth to deliver documents to enthusiastic scientists.

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