A recently discovered Motorola patent is perhaps our first look at Lenovo's foldable RAZR phone. Discovered by mobile 91, the folder contains several illustrations that seem to show a handset with a folding screen inside and a second screen smaller outside.

Although the document does not mention the RAZR mark, the sketches show a number of similarities with the RAZR V3: the use of a rear hinge to tighten the closed device like a bulky chin rocker exported directly from the original.

The patent news - filed Dec. 17 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - comes just days after Lenovo's plan for a new RAZR was unveiled by the Wall Street Journal. The phone (supposed to be a Verizon exclusive) is expected to arrive next month.

Like Samsung's next $ 1,700 collapsible phone, the new RAZR is also expected to cost around $ 1,500. But if they want to seduce the masses, the two companies will have to produce something less cumbersome than the folded handset that Royale, of China, presented to the CES at the beginning of the month. And you can bet that their rivals will take note.

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