Good news for the passengers on the train: The Indian Railways have their locomotives connected via ISRO satellites, making it easy to track trains and automatically feed the control charts on the arrival and departure of trains.

"In the new year, a new beginning was made: The information on the train movement is recorded and automatically transmitted using the satellite-based real-time train information system (RTIS) of the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), "A senior railway official told IANS.

The official said the system was implemented on January 8 in some mail or express trains on the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi-Katra-Bandra-Terminus, New Delhi-Patna, New Delhi-Amritsar and Delhi-Jammu routes.

The official said the new system will help railways modernize their control room and rail network to make train movements more efficient throughout their network.

The official said, "The purpose of this step is to improve the accuracy of the information of the train journey."

He explained how the new system works. The officer said that the RTIS device installed in the locomotive detected the position and speed of the train with the GAGAN geo-positioning system developed by ISRO.

Based on this information and application logic, the device sends the train movement updates (arrival / departure / passage / unplanned interrupts and mid-level updates) to the central location server in the CRIS data center using S-Band Mobile Satallite Service (MSS.)) from ISRO, "he said.

After being processed in the CLS, this information is forwarded to the Control Office Application (COA) system for automatic recording of control charts without manual intervention in the departments. "

The official said the train status was updated manually earlier.

"Before these techniques were developed by the Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) in collaboration with ISRO, the train control controllers set up were dependent on the information relayed by the station manager to the station controller, and the data was manually recorded in the control chart Section control fed, "he said.

He said the COA is already being integrated into the National Train Inquiry System (NTES).

The official said the railway is also working with ISRO to use the satellite-based system to check accidents at unmanned level crossings and train movements.

Earlier, when they were working on a pilot project with ISRO, the railways installed integrated IC (IC) chips in some locomotives.

"The Indian regional satellite navigation system was used to warn road users of approaching trains through hoists installed at unmanned intersections," the official said, adding that the railways have now eliminated all unmanned crossings except in Uttar Pradesh Local Affairs.

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