Smartphone cameras are better than ever, but sometimes there is no substitute for a full size DSLR. Unfortunately, it seems to be so. A snapshot from the company's latest commercial for the new Nova 3 smartphone was described behind the scenes as a DSLR rather than a smartphone (as discovered by Reddit user AbdullahSab3 via AndroidPolice).

As you can see in the middle of the ad, a quarrelsome couple seems to be taking a selfie to show how the Huawei AI and the camera technology do that so the woman does not have to make up her face. However, an instagram-deleted Instagram image of Sarah Elshamy (the actress in the scene) shows that the recording in question, instead of a funny selfie, the Nova 3 from a DSLR, which was taken by a professional photographer. In fact, the Nova 3 seems to be out of the ordinary.

In Huawei's defense, advertising never claims that the picture was taken on a Nova 3 (though it could be said that it was heavily implied). And, as Android Police notes, this is not Huawei's first marketing failure: The company was caught removing the aperture on the P8, and it was found that a shot from a P9 was posted Google+ came from EXIF ​​data captured on a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

Still, it would be nice if Huawei applied the phone on the basis of what it actually does - which is likely to be impressive without falsification - instead of hiding its ability to market smoke and mirrors.

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