• Driveclub has about 10.5 million players.
  • GT Sport has nearly 6.6 million.
  • Need For Speed ​has nearly 9.46 million.

Driveclub, a PS4 exclusive, is the most played PS4 game with nearly 10.5 million players. These are pillars of the race like Need For Speed ​​and GT Sport with 9.46 million players and 6.6 million players respectively. The source is the Gamstat Trophy Tracking Page, from Sony's My PS4 Life tool, which leaks more information than Sony or its partners would have liked. And while it's easy to say that Driveclub is free for PS Plus subscribers between June 25 and October 6, 2015, it's amazing to see a game that has been criticized for launching it as a poor state.

It is tragic that we were not going to see Driveclub's sequel anytime soon. The studio behind him, Evolution was closed by Sony in 2016. It was acquired by Sony in 2008.

According to a Sony statement to, this is due to the restructuring of its European studios.

"Reviews are regularly conducted at all SCE Worldwide studios, ensuring that the resources we have in such a competitive environment can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable The statement said, "Small and medium-term plans and changes in the structure of European studios have been decided, so it has been decided that Evolution Studios will be closed."

Driveclub and MotorStorm are two of Sony's most influential racing franchises in recent years, apart from Gran Turismo.

The developers behind them have come together to form a new gaming studio called Wushu Studios. Alan McDermott (founder of Evolution Studios, PlayStation), Nigel Kershaw (former Evolution Studios, PlayStation, Deep Silver, Revolution Software) and artistic director Stuart Trevor (former Evolution Studios, PlayStation) are among his talents

Surprisingly, the first efforts of Wushu Studios will not be a racing game. Instead, it is a brand new intellectual property established in the genre of science fiction. "We can confirm that prototyping started in September 2017 with Unreal Engine 4," the studio said in a statement.

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