• He is currently in the early stages of development.
  • Apple can assume a publisher role.
  • The report comes amidst slowing iPhone sales.

Apple is working on a gaming service subscription for the App Store. This planned service would work as a "Netflix for games", allowing users to pay a regular subscription for a multitude of titles. It seems that Apple has been talking to game developers since the second half of 2018 about the service and we do not know how much it would cost or what Apple games would have. She also considered working as a publisher for some developers, which could mean that the company would want to pay distribution, marketing and other costs for certain titles.

A Cheddar report quoting "five people familiar with the case" indicates that the service is in its infancy and Apple may decide not to do so. With the slowdown in iPhone sales, the company is looking for other ways to continue to evolve its projects, with video streaming service projects, partnerships with Apple Music and new subscription service.

"The vast majority of revenue generated by the App Store is games," said Brandon Ross, an analyst at BTIG, who talks about the video game industry, talking to Cheddar. "Subscription has proven to be an effective way to monetize on mobile and is fully proven in games, with the exception of some minor successes from Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts."

With this service, Apple could give developers more than the standard deduction of 70% of their revenue. You have to reduce all purchases on the App Store by 30% because it halves this amount after the first year of subscription, which places it at a striking distance from the 88% of the Epic Games Store. He is currently on PC with an Android launch this year.

For the moment, however, mobile subscription services have been limited to local efforts that required partnerships with the telephone companies. For example, Mumbai-based Indiagames operated its own game subscription service for multi-purpose phones called Games on Demand, as did Nazara with Nazara Club, while Android phones had the likes of Zapak and Gamesbond. As Apple could do the same for iOS, it will be interesting to see how it works across the company. Especially when big publishers like Ubisoft have expressed concerns about existing subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and PS Now.

"In fact, I think of the subscription game as a brake on our progress, and I'm going to give you two examples, the first is PS Now, which I think is great technology for streaming content, but we do not let's not make a lot of money as a publisher - we do not earn the same amount of money as just putting things up for sale, so why bother from a publisher's point of view? "asked Chris Early of Ubisoft during a conversation with GamesBeat.

"The technology is great for a player, I can play it anywhere, it's an awesome technology that's inhibited by the business model, so load a PlayStation Plus add-on to play any game. on any device, you own This is an excellent service for the player: it will inspire people to embrace this concept of streaming in more places. You will be able to access a place where more people focus on streaming.

Your business model presents a similar challenge. We see that it works. We are believers. You have limited it to a subscription plan, where publishers are not able to make money. On the other hand, you can simply sell the game and let people live the experience in five minutes during the download or pay you an extra fee to continue to have quick access to many other places. With membership, it's just giving it away. "

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