The current slider phones are certainly different from the 2008 Nokia N97 or the Nokia E7 released a few years later, but believe it or not, the designers of these two great industry classics are currently working on the design adaptation traditional slider to the latest mobile technology. tendencies.

This announcement was made a few weeks ago by a small company called F (x) Tech, previously transmitted by Livermorium, who was trying to create a dream QWERTY Moto Mod keyboard in 2018.

While this project was abandoned when Livermorium realized a smartphone accessory "linked to a giant like Motorola was not filling the gap that we wanted so deeply to fill," F (x) Tech has embarked on a much more ambitious path towards the development of a handset with a landscape keyboard from the ground up.

The product, known as "you thought you can not have" phone, is currently scheduled for the launch of the first quarter of 2019, planning to run a stocked version of Android 9.0 Pie out of box, according to the latest email campaign revealed by the people at XDA Developers.

Curiously, the unnamed slide-on phone will also come with an exclusive launcher designed specifically for landscape mode operations, as well as environmentally friendly calendar and messaging applications developed by F(x).

Ultimately, the company will promise to launch "more applications with a dedicated user interface for the landscape", while supporting "community-based, independent operating systems beyond Android". Think Lineage OS and Sailfish OS, although no schedule is defined yet.

From a hardware perspective, the QWERTY smartphone previously featured a "modern" 6 "AMOLED display with a 2: 1 aspect ratio, minimal contours and no screen, and a" rocker "keyboard. The BlackBerry Priv, KEYone and KEY2 to shame.

We're talking about a large five-row arrangement with a row of dedicated numbers, PC-like modifier and symbol keys, backlight functionality, and a nice off-the-wall key layout. With regard to the sliding mechanism, F (x) Tech chose the oblique way to improve the viewing angles of the screen, while promising a state-of-the-art durability and an inspiring design nostalgia on the part of the engineering team named behind the Nokia N97. , E7 and N950.

Unfortunately, there are no words about prices, dimensions or other specifications and features, nor do we have a product image to share with you. This brings us to seriously questioning the publication objective of the first quarter of 2019, but we may be pleasantly surprised ... this time.

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